• Description

MANOI AT01 Robot Specifications

RC Servo Module

17 * KRS-4024S HV ICS Digital Servos 10kg-cm, 0.14sec/60deg

Mechanical Frames

1 * Unassembled Robot Body

Control board

2 * RCB-3J Control Board with 24 PWM input/output and 3 analog input ports

Control Software

1 * OEM and Several aftermarket add-ons

Serial Cable

1 * USB to Serial Cable

NiCad Battery

1 * NiMH 10.8V 300 mAh battery


1 * AC100V charger

English Manual



340 x 180 [mm]


About 1.2 [kg] (including a battery)

Degrees of Freedom

17 (Neck x1, Arm x3, Leg x5)

Communication with PC

RS232C (115kbps)

External I/F

Serial communication (RS232C)

Attachment software

The MANOI comes with "Heart-to-Heart 3" software, and English installation manuals (currently being prepared).
The software is easily installable to a standard windows based PC, and can be uploaded to the robot via serial connection (also provided).