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A Must-See "Medical Resource Decision Management Simulation Software" allows you to identify risk-free, optimized medical allocations through 3D virtual situation simulations!


Outpatient process simulation:
Registration process (appointment / on-site, first visit / referral), referral time, referral process, payment process, medication delivery.








Hospital Design and Layout


The operation of the hospital itself

(Such as: hospital construction ﹑ clinical path ﹑ health check ﹑ registration ﹑ pharmacy management ﹑ medical staff scheduling ﹑ outpatient ﹑ hospital investment ﹑ cost analysis ﹑ telephone service center ﹑ hospital elevator management ...)


In the medical simulation software, managers can be allowed without any risk from time and space,進行各種方案及狀況的模擬

To ensure that the various resources, such as: funds, manpower, time, etc., properly used,It can be said that hospital resources integration planning(HRP Hospital Resource Planning)I believe this is what many people in the medical field are earnestly looking forward to.


In addition to hospitals and all walks of life for reference managers,At the same time can also provide academic institutions and social institutions related institutions, as supplementary materials or personal training for reference purposes.


  Flexsim HCIs a service system designed for the virtual hospital process, which can set up various business models and has the latest dynamic logic thinking engine. Just input the equipment, personnel, output, Service process ﹑ management policy ﹑ service time ... ... and so on,Under the model can be implemented


Output:Improved service, correct system analysis, improved system design, customer satisfaction, appropriate needs, and correct estimates.


Missed a pity, non-essential reasons!


1, Object-oriented technology (Object Oriented)

2Simply create a system model by clicking / on the   (Point & Click)  
, Built-in Medical Industry Standards (Graph Library) 4 to load the CAD SPAN> ﹑ .GIF and other different image file formats to make the model more realistic. AUTO CAD

5, users do not need to write procedures
6, to provide data analysis software ExpertFit
7, can automatically determine the statistical distribution of data types,: Normal,Poisson,Gamma....Wait




(Quick patient tracking)

Built-in medical industry standard gallery(Graph Library)