• Description

1.  依量測溫度檢測吸收式冷凍系統之循環迴路

2.  繪製concentration/enthalpy

3.  鍋爐熱交換量之評估

4.  冷凝器熱交換量之評估

5.  蒸發器熱交換量之評估

6.  吸收器熱交換量之評估

7.  循環迴路平均流量率之計算

8.  系統冷凍力資料收集與計算

9.      不同能源之系統應用



Ø   Color silk screen printed synoptic panel with signaling lamps, mounted on a painted, chemically treated, baked and finished steel frame

Ø   Welded carbon steel hermetic circuit, composed of 1 boiler, 1 finned condenser for heat exchange with the ambient, 1 cell evaporator and 1 absorber

Ø   Refrigerant: ammonia / water solution

Ø   Electrical resistors: 12 V and 100 / 80 W

Ø   Transformer from 230 V to 12 V and rectifier

Ø   Propane gas burner with pressure reducer and piezoelectric ignition

Ø   Plastic refrigeration cell with 2 compartments