• Description


  • 透過內建的Liiiink模組可無線連接到你的智慧型手機及所有ANT+設備
  • 透過內建的Liiiink模組可以讓你的手機變成一個自行車紀錄器或跑步顯示器,他會即時發送所有ANT+資料到4iiii App或你自己的fitness App中
  • Liiiink模組只適用於此套產品

Accurate Heart Rate measurement on your iPhone* without awkward adapters

Works with your ANT+ displays such as Garmin, adidas and Timex

See all of your ANT+ sensors (Foot Pod, Bike Speed/Cadence, Power) in real time on your iPhone with free 4iiii App or Popular iOS fitness Apps

Add Sportiiiis head-up performance coach for visual and audio cues to keep you motivated and on target

Gateway for your iPhone to change Sportiiiis settings

No need to recharge. Viiiiva runs on a coin cell battery for over a year

*iPhone 4S/5, iPod® touch 5th gen