ANSYS SpaceClaim

The easiest 3D modeling tool in the world for all engineers!

ANSYS SpaceClaim
Versatile 3D modeling for faster engineering results
Is a set of 3DDirectModeler software that will give rise to the next wave of next generation. Easy-to-learn users do not need to have any engineering drawing background or 3D intuitive graphics modeling software that CAD professionals will use. This is a versatile 3D modeling tool that delivers results faster than ever before. Ubiquitous engineers are raising productivity
New method of 3D modeling
SpaceClaim's unique user interface, modeling technology and versatile toolset make it easy to create and modify geometry without using traditional CAD systems. With an existing CAD model, you can use automated, easy-to-learn tools to de-characterize and simplify geometry. SpaceClaim is ideal for engineers who do not have the time to use heavy-duty CAD tools but who want and need fast 3D solutions.
Ease of use

We believe that technology should work for you, not the other way round. Technology should make your job easier, not more complex. SpaceClaim enables you to create, edit, or repair geometry without worrying about the underlying technology. With SpaceClaim, using 3D modeling software can be fast, easy, flexible and useful no matter which workflow you're in. Regardless of the origin of the model, you can open the file in SpaceClaim and add or subtract the geometry in any way you want. With simple commands and workflows, hours previously spent can be completed in minutes. You will find it easy to learn SpaceClaim - a few weeks rather than months - and achieve a faster return on investment than expected.
Use Spaceclaim Save At least 50% Design Time !! Save 30 ~ 50% of the time to correct the design, etc., effectively accelerate the industrial processes

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