• Description

NOGRID points software, based on the meshless Finite Pointset Method (FPM), is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package for simulation tasks in the wide area of flow and continuum mechanical problems. The software doesn't solve only fluid flows, but also problems with elastic or plastic deformations. More generally spoken, NOGRID points software considers all the viscous as well as elastic/plastic stress tensors and any mixture of it.

NOGRID points software does not require a grid or mesh, in contrast to classical numerical methods, such as Finite Elements or Finite Volumes, where the generation of meshes takes a long time. NOGRID points can excellently be applied in case of all problems, where grid-based methods reach their limits due to the necessary remeshing. The software is based on one of the latest technologies in the area of numerical flow simulation. Using the fast and robust NOGRID points solver the usual long modeling and computing times can be shortened substantially.

Advantages are:
  • Extremely short modeling time due to the absence of meshes
  • Dramatically reduced computing time in case of free surface flows or flows with moving parts or moving boundaries
  • Direct import of models from other CAD systems by IGES/STEP interface
  • Easy modeling of all free surface problems
  • Easy modeling of moving parts in your flow domain


Here some examples for using NOGRID points:

  • Fluid dynamical problems with free surfaces
  • Moving parts
  • Multiphase flows
  • Fluid-structure interactions with a strong change of the computing domain
  • Mechanical problems with substantial structure changes