• Description

iThink guides you and your business team through the creation of models that simulate business processes and scenarios; pointing out the impacts of a new procedure or policy, and offering opportunity to fix undesirable outcomes. Based on Systems Thinking,iThink models serve as "practice fields", showing you outcomes that could be painful, costly, or embarrassing if discovered in reality.

Key Features

Mapping and Modeling
Intuitive icon-based graphical interface simplifies model building
Stock and Flow diagrams support the common language of Systems Thinking and provide insight into modeled business processes
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Causal Loop Diagrams present overall causal relationships
Enhanced stock types enable discrete and continuous processes with support for queues, ovens, and enhanced conveyors
Model equations are automatically generated and made accessible beneath the model layer
Built-in functions facilitate mathematical, statistical, and logical operations
Multi-dimensional arrays simply represent repeated model structure
Modules support multi-level, hierarchical model structures that can serve as “building blocks” for model construction
XML-based model files support the new industry standard for common interchange of system dynamics models
Simulation and Analysis
Simulations "run" processes represented in models
Sensitivity analysis reveals key leverage points and optimal conditions
Partial model simulations focus analysis on specific sectors or modules of the model
Results presented as graphs, tables, animations, QuickTime movies, and files
Data Manager archives and recalls simulation run data stored in a separate SQLite database file
Dynamic data import/export links to Microsoft® Excel or CSV files
Flight simulators and dashboards describe model components and facilitate manipulation
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Input devices include knobs, sliders, switches, and buttons
Output devices highlight outcomes with warning flashers, text, graphs, tables, and reports
Storytelling supports step-by-step model unveiling
Causal Loop Diagrams present dominant feedback loops within structure
Export for NetSim supports publishing and sharing model over the web using
isee NetSim add-on software
isee Runtime options support full-screen presentation of models so they can be easily shared or commercially distributed
Multimedia support for graphics, movies, sounds, and text messages
Model security features allow locking or password protection