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消防細水霧噴水滅火、水力管路設計系統和機架保護FHC液壓計算軟體由世界各地的消防工程師使用,幫助他們設計最嚴格的消防系統,國際標準,包括EN 12845,BS 9251,FM,NFPA 13 ,NFPA 750和LPCB / BRE法規。




事實上FHC可以計算幾乎任何水基消防系統。 FHC是非常靈活的,任何類型的管道網絡可以從一個簡單的樹,循環到多環系統或任何組合。





FHC is a full hydraulic calculation program for use with fire sprinkler systems and other water based fixed fire protection systems to International standards. It has been used successfully with fire sprinkler systems, water spray, ESFR, deluge, drencher, hose reel, hydrant, foam sprinklers, ring mains, foam monitors and water mist systems.

  • Complies with international standards such as NFPA, FM and LPC
  • Any any type of pipe network can be modelled such as trees, loops, grids or any combination
  • Models fire sprinkler systems, deluge, ring mains, hydrant and much more...
  • Multiple pipe types
  • Specify a global design density or set each head individual
  • Automatically finds the most remote head or the four MRH in the case of LPC and EN 12845
  • Automatically includes tee and elbows equivalent lengths
  • Automatic pipe sizing based on maximum pressure drop or pipe velocity (tree systems only)
  • Automatic pipe node numbering
  • Calculate source pressure and flow or
  • Balance to a water supply curve such as a fire pump or towns main supply
  • Can use Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach pressure loss equations
  • Isometric, plan and elevation schematic views of the pipe network
  • Easy to read and inclusive reports which you can preview and output to PDF.

Design Authorities

FHC can be used with over 30 different national and international fire protection standards including:

  • Loss Prevention Council - LPCB Rules for automatic sprinkler installations
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 13/15/750)
  • Factory Mutual - FM 
  • Dansk Brand-og Sikringstekniks Institut
  • CP52 - Rules in Singapore
  • Norwegian Sprinkler Rules
  • ANPI/NVBB Rules in Belgium
  • Comite Europeen Des Assurances CEA4001
  • FOC 29th Edition Rules
  • BS 5306 part 2 Specification for sprinkler systems
  • EN 12845 Automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • BS 9251 Sprinkler systems for residential and domestic occupancies
  • ASIB 10th Edition (Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau)
  • VDK - AEAI