• Description

The most worthy of the eye tracker (multi-person view)

The EyeFollower empowers users with a completely natural environment when conducting eye tracking studies or interactions.

This system provides subjects with the largest amount of free head movement of any remote eye tracker in the world. Automatically locating, focusing and tracking the users with no time consuming adjustments or re-calibrations, this system was designed with the users in mind.

  • 4 tracking cameras
    Maximum head movement space (96 × 96 × 50 cm)
    Accuracy of less than 0.4 over the entire range of head movement
    Full range binoculars - Two independent cameras for tracking the eyes
    Automatic detection of face recognition
    EFT (enhanced focus technology)
    Fully automatic calibration (children and adults)
    Bright pupil method - no problem, make up or glasses
    Maintain accuracy if the subject is tilted on either side of the head
    Observation of real-time eye images
    Available with screen up to 35 "including 3D display
    Modular design (monitor, projection screen, real world ...)

Quick calibration


Fully automated quick calibration (15 seconds) for kids and adults alike.