• Description

SimStat - 統計分析和引導有功能強大且易於使用的輸出功能

Simstat goes beyond mere statistical analysis. It provides output management functions that are not found in any other program, as well as its own scripting language for automated statistical analysis and writing of applets, interactive multimedia-enabled instructional and computer-assisted interviewing systems.

Simstat not only supports numeric and categorical data, date and short alphanumeric variables, but also memos and file variables that allow for the storage of open-ended questions, interview logs, full reports, etc. that are stored in the same project file. Wait. Statistical analysis using numeric and categorical data is easy because all Provalis research tools share the same file format Simstat, Qualitative Encoding Using Stored Documents QDA Miner or the powerful content analysis and text mining features of WordStat These are the same Document.

In addition, the coexistence of numerical, categorical and textual data in the same data file gives the unique ability to explore the relationship between numerical and textual variables or to compare qualitatively the coding or content categories among subgroups of individuals.