• Description

Modeling and Structural Analysis


In order to bring a best in class product to market, companies rely on digital testing and analysis to reduce time to market.  However, a dirty secret that surrounds this is that analysts typically get hung up on preparing models for structural analysis and spend far too long preparing/repairing geometry rather than meshing/solving.


SpaceClaim empowers structural analysts by letting them clean, simplify, modify, and optimize both imported models, and models created from scratch inside SpaceClaim.  Our built in tools such as mid-surface extraction and beam extraction help to simplify models for structural analysis faster, saving hours of time.

  • Mid-surface extraction and creation
  • Beam (line element) and Shell (surface element) Modeling – reduce dimensionality of solids
  • Removal of rounds or small/irrelevant features
  • Edit and modify imported models
  • Merge faces to improve meshing


  • Make dramatic changes to existing models or conceptualize on the fly to experiment with many design variations
  • Rapidly create new concepts as simply as sketching them on paper; start with a blank screen and produce a concept model ready for simulation
  • Import an existing CAD model designed for manufacture and prepare it for simulation; remove small surfaces, fillets and unnecessary details
  • Increase productivity, out-innovate, and shorten time-to-market
  • Improve time-to-result by at least 10x