• Description

Modeling Prep for CFD

Challenge for CFD Engineers

In addition to getting dirty geometry and overly complicated models, CFD engineers often lack the geometry they are trying to analyze.  Designers often model the parts themselves, rarely supplying the analyst with the inner fluid volume through the part or the outer air enclosure around the model.

SpaceClaim is Ideal for CFD & Thermal Engineers

SpaceClaim has built the best 3D direct modeler for CAE related tasks such as fluid creation.  Automated tools walk you through the creation of fluid volumes both within, and outside your model or assembly. 

  • Prepare tools such as Volume Extract and Enclosure automatically extract necessary volumes
  • Volume previews help ensure all inlets are capped before extracting volumes
  • Split solids to partition models before meshing
  • Update fluid volumes automatically if changes are needed to optimize a design


  • Faster time to analysis
  • Fluid Domains created in seconds
  • Removal of CAD bottleneck
  • Short learning curve
  • No regeneration failures