• Description

Analog drive design optimization


Modeling and simulation challenges

Modeling and simulation are integral to the enterprise development process, but if the design must be changed during the analysis, the changes are usually made by the design team.


This usually increases research and development time. Every CAD design change, even with simple modification options, but the traditional CAD changes will take a long time.



Optimized design solutions

  • At SpaceClaim, CAD models are easy to simplify and remove for some projects.
    Even CAE users can easily complete the changes they want.

  • The advantages of optimal design
  • Optimize the flow of value between detailed design and the CAE working group
    Improve pre-CAE analysis, reduce excess waste and get high-quality products to market faster
    Strong ROI (return on investment), so that investment quickly back to the capital
    Optimize design parameters to make the ideal solution come true
    Change materials, design methods and manufacturing processes can be easily done in Spaceclaim, no longer have to start designing again.