• Description

For product design, development of pre-conceptual design

SpaceClaim enables engineers to easily visualize, communicate and innovate 3D designs through product design and development.


The challenge of using traditional CAD preconceptions

Traditional CAD design, based on the modeling method as a constraint, so in the initial conceptual design, product development phase is very troublesome.

Therefore, product design and development is so slow and expensive


The best product design and development tool Spaceclaim

The birth of SpaceClaim, which has restricted users from past conceptual styling, now allows them to focus more on the creative process than on how to think about CAD tools.


Use SpaceClaim to enhance your ideas and at the same time increase your productivity.

Quickly and easily create new conceptual models and share them with customers, R & D engineers, CAE analysis, manufacturing and CAD teams


Regardless of suppliers, internal sources, online resources - any geometrical data you want, Spaceclaim can easily integrate innovation no matter which CAD software it comes from


Save money on training with Spaceclaim and increase productivity in the past by up to 5x less drawing time than traditional CAD