Flexsim 是PC Base的數位虛擬企業的模擬系統,來建立各種經製造等模型並且可在微軟公司出品等不同作業平台上執行的全視窗化3D專營、管理、業模擬軟體。

樣的3D模擬軟體是最新的趨勢,已有20年的發展這方面經驗的Flexsim公司利用微軟公司的Visual C++ .NET的新技術,為模擬核心推出Flexsim馬上造成全球轟動,快速展現其3D模擬的速度應用的方向在先進國防戰略模擬、航太製程模擬、醫療管理研究、醫院動線規劃等大型研究方向到今日便利商店開店地點模擬、商業自動化模擬、物流中心配送、交通運輸模擬、交通流量管制模擬遊樂場經營模擬,製程的技術的進步,從以前的MRP的系統,進步到MRP II,再到ERP企業資源規劃SCM供應鏈管理,CRM客戶關係管理,BRP企業流程再造,因此模擬就扮演相當重要的角色利用這個技術可以協助我們預測未來的狀況,掌握所有變化的結果。


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Flexsim uses a highly developed object to model.
Objects represent business activities, ranks, that represents the time and space and other information.
When building a model, you simply drag and drop the appropriate part from the parts library into the model view. The object has the position (x, y, z), velocity (x, y, z), rotation angle ry, rz) and dynamic activity (time) and other attributes.
can be made, removed, or moved to another part, inheriting the properties of his objects in addition to having their own properties. The
object's parameters are
Simple, quick and efficient Key Features for Building Manufacturing, Logistics and Business Process Models . With the parameterization of the components we can model almost any physical phenomenon. For example, robots, operators, queues, conveyors, forklifts, warehouses, traffic signals, tanks, boxes, etc. can all be modeled with Flexsim. Hierarchy
Flexsim lets modelers model hierarchies more closely.
When building a model, each object uses the method
Inheritance Save development time.
Flexsim allows users to take full advantage of Microsoft Visual C + + hierarchical system features.

Currently on the market, like Flexsim Tailored simulation software is very rare.
All visual software forms can be made public to custom users. Modelers are free to manipulate objects, windows, GUIs, menus, pick lists, and object parameters to add custom logic to an assembly, change or delete existing encodings, or create a completely new assembly from scratch .
It is worth mentioning that, whether the user-set or newly created parts can be saved to the parts library, but also can be used in other models. Most importantly, parts can be created and modified in Flexsim using the
C ++ language You can control the behavior of a part. Flexsim's interfaces, buttons, menus, and GUIs are all controlled by a precompiled C ++ library.

Flexsim because the object modeler is disclosed, it Parts can be exchanged between different users, libraries and models. Portability and tailor-made bring super modeling speed. Custom parts are stored in the parts library. When modeling, you can render these items in the new model simply by dragging and dropping the parts from the parts library.
Portability and Tailor-made extend the life cycle of both parts and models.

Flexsim having a very efficient simulation engine that can be Run both simulation and model views (visualization and moving pictures)
And you can speed up simulation by closing the model view. During the simulation run, the engine and the Flexscript language are used to allow users to change part of the model's properties while the simulation is in progress.
Flexsim can conduct multiple sets of simulation experiments. These solutions are automated and the results are stored in reports and charts so that we can easily leverage rich predefined and custom behavioral indicators like Usage, Production, Development Cycle, Cost, etc. to analyze each one plot.
It's also easy to export the results to popular applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and DDEC (Dynamic Data Exchange Connectivity) make it possible to read and write data directly to the database.

If a character capable of expressing FIG thousands, then Flexsim The virtual reality animation as well as the model view expresses unlimited capacity.
Flexsim takes advantage of the graphics available on all PCs, including the latest virtual reality graphics.
If it is a 3D stereo file with the extension
3DS, VRML, DXF and STL , Can be transferred directly to the Flexsim model and not available in other simulation software. Flexsim's VR (Virtual Reality Viewing Window) projector allows users to adjust scene elements such as light fog and virtual reality stereoscopic technology. Flexsim's demo features provide an artistic demonstration of the model. AVI files can be quickly generated using Flexsim's AVI recorder, no matter what the model can be copied or recorded on the CD, can be sent to anyone for emergency viewing.
Flexsim has a strong business graphics functions, FIG (Charts) , Pie charts, line charts and 3D documents can enjoy the model's message needs the results can be obtained at any time.
Flexsim's open architecture allows users to connect OBDC data sources, read and write, you can connect Word and Excel in real time.